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Hello world!

Welcome to my first post on my first blog: pastorandylangford!

At a Spring 2010 meeting at Central UMC, several members urged me to consider new ways of sharing my thoughts, and especially my sermons, with members of our congregation and maybe even a wider community.  They urged this old dog to try a new trick.

I thank my daugther Ann Green Langford Duncan for setting up this site for me, and for you.

Each week, I hope to share the Scripture for my next sermon, some initial thoughts about how to hear and respond to this Word of God, and maybe even some art to stimulate our thoughts.

I then invite you to share your comments and responses to help me prepare for preaching the Word.  Where does the Scripture intersect with your life?  What is happening in our community that this Word addresses?  What does the congregation at Central need to hear this week?  Together, we will find an authentic Word for all of us in these days.

This fall, I will be working through key stories from the Bible that shape our journey with God: our creation, the call by God, the exodus, etc.

To participate fully, I invite you to either subscribe by email (there is a link right under my picture on the right-hand side of the home page), or add my blog to your feeder (a little click at the top-right-hand side of the home page).

I expect to be stretched by this process and by you.  You may also engage with God, others in our community, and me in a new way.  May we together grow as the Word of God guides us in our spiritual journeys.

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